AARP Dating Review

AARP Dating ReviewAARP Dating is more than just a dating site with seniors in mind, it also has a lot of information and events around dating, friends and family, sex and intimacy, caregiving, your home, technology, money, entertainment, food, travel and much more. This makes it a great resource for many things in life, but how useful is it going to be in helping you to find a date? Well this might depend on what you’re looking for and where you live.

This is a unique dating site that not only focuses on an online relationship but also encourages face-to-face meetings. AARP is based on the idea that people go online for a few minutes, and they resume to the real world.

Using this site require no rocket science because it’s clear-cut and easy to understand. It has been rated the friendliest online dating site for seniors. ARRP has a fun, laid-back layout that promotes the feeling of ease.


Standard members have access to limited features just like with other online dating sites. But upon subscription, you get access to myriad and exciting options.

  • Profile; upon joining, you can create a profile, and it’s mandatory to post a profile picture; this makes it easier for users to find their potential dates.
  • Money back guarantee, there are extremely high chances of sowing a seed of long-term relationship and in case you’re not able to go on a real-life date with their partner, ARRP Dating offers you a money back guarantee.
  • High membership; with over 1,000,000 members there is enough possibility of finding your perfect match.
  • Privacy and safety; is one of the top priorities at ARRP dating.
  • Bonus points; available for all members upon completion of every milestone. Three invites to the website give you access to additional features that you would need to be upgraded to access.
  • Date report page that offers a platform for users to suggest date ideas and share dating advice.
  • Find members by location; you can find potential dates according to recent activity, nearby and newest. The ‘people’ tab also notifies you about the members who are online.
  • FAQs; this site has a FAQs page that answers every possible query that its users might have


  • High chances of getting a date
  • Due to its large membership, getting a date is the least worry for its users. There are high chances of securing a date. The money back guarantee is a big plus, it just reassures you that you can rarely end up without a successful date upon sign up.
  • Excellent customer service
  • It is easy and quick to reach their customer support team.
  • Privacy and security
  • ARRP Dating prioritizes privacy and security of its users. Members can, therefore, feel safe. In addition, users can disable certain people from viewing their profiles.
  • Ease of use
  • Right from registration, using this site is extremely simple. No complex procedures like many other online dating sites on the internet.
  • Value for money
  • It’s designed with your budget in mind, of course, everyone wants value for his money, and this is what AARP does. A standard account is free while a paid account is fairly cheap.
  • Encourages live meetings
  • Not many dating sites encourage its users to go on real dates with real people, but AARP Dating allows its users to propose and scan dates proposed by their potential matches. Because it promotes live meetings, it is a great site for seniors who don’t want to spend a lot of time online.
  • Offer a unique search engine
  • Users can scan and find ideas for what one can do on a date proposed by other members. Under the following categories, users can browse and search for dates, people, trending and recommended. Thus users can automatically find someone who they are compatible with.


  • AARP Dating promotes face-to-face meetings; therefore users who would rather learn more about the person before going on a date may feel uncomfortable.
  • Most of its members are quite young despite being designed for older people


ARRP Dating is more than just a dating site. For seniors who are tired of been crammed up at home, ARRP Dating is fun and easy going dating site. Apart from encouraging seniors to find a partner, it also promotes friendship and real relationships.

However, if you intend to spend a lot of time to get to know someone this site may not be fit for you. All the same, ARRP Dating has a lot to offer; you can sign up and have a taste of how it works.

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