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Match is one of the best known dating websites around, and there are some good reasons for that. The site has over 25 million members to its name, which is a lot. If you can’t find a date among them then something isn’t right! There is also (approximately) a 50 : 50 ratio between men and women on, which is rare in the dating world. Many of's competitors have a much larger ratio of men to women.

Looking for a match? Creating an account with may bring you to your lifetime, Johnny. is one of the largest and oldest dating services. It has been operational since 1995. It hosts its websites in 15 languages and serves users from over 24 countries.

Unlike other dating sites, setting an account with is simple. You just need to create a profile and describe yourself; this includes your expectations from the people you might date. And this profile becomes a key to finding that special person you have been looking for.

The site is open with no limit, as such who to connect with? How to connect and when to connect is not limited. It can get better than this, imagine finding someone interesting at any time and then ask them out! But does this website live to its name? Well, this review will show all the features that make this online dating site stand out.

While the site is open for new user’s two types of memberships are available, trial account and premium account. With a trial account you can get a feel of how the website works but the features various features cannot be accessed via a trial membership.

Upon paying, you gain full access to the complete functionality of the website. With a paid membership account, you can send and receive messages. On top of that, you can see who viewed your profile.

Features and benefits

Viewing and communication tools

On, there are many viewing and communication tools such as photos, profiles, mail messages and email read notifications. A notification is sent to you once someone reads a message you sent them. In addition, you can send one VIP mail per week and the email resets every week.

Mobile support options allow you to take the dating experience with you everywhere with its matchmobile app. Surfing this website from your smartphone is pretty simple. Convenience is never compromised because the mobile experience offers almost all the features available on the main site even read notifications via message or email.

User-friendly interface

The website homepage is simple well designed and extremely busy, but user-friendly. On the sites homepage, you’ll see a search box, menu stripe and notifications for messages, favorites, likes, connections and unviewed matches.

Advanced feature include

  • Match words, this feature allow you to search for specific tag words. For instance, if you type adventurous, it shows all the profiles with the same match word.
  • Reverse matches, this allow you to reverse and discover users who are looking for you although you’re not looking for them.
  • Daily mutual, helps you discover users whom you share mutual attractions with.
  • Singled out, show you a specific daily match that might be a great connection for you.
  • Others include, smart search, new user highlights, favorites, these features allow you to sort user profiles according to various lifestyles features and physical appearances.
  • The quiz, this feature is designed to get a clear view of a person character and allow flirting with members in a way that is not too invasive.
  • The site has seven games lasting between 1 to 5 minutes designed to encourage interaction with other members as well as to assess compatibility.


Slow response, the site is not very swift in responding to questions and complaints, but this is because of its huge user base.


In overall, setting up a date on is quite easy. Compatibility system ensures that you are much aware of each other even before you start chatting and flirting. This makes it easier to know whether there is a mutual connection between members. Above all the huge user base provide more opportunities of a viable date. You can’t go wrong with

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