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Perfect Match is one of the most comprehensive dating sites on the market. It enables dating regardless of age, orientation or personal preferences, as well as providing high compatibility matches with the search engine. The website has also been included in the show “The World News” hosted by Diane Sawyer.

Perfect Match is one of the biggest matchmaking websites around, with millions of members. It uses your personal information (such as your preferences, outlooks in life and general personality traits) to help determine which members might be suitable for you. What’s perfect to you might be very different from someone else’s idea of perfection. That’s why, when looking for a partner, being able to explore a range of people who suit your personal tastes is ideal.

History and Affiliations

The website was launched in 2003 and since then has acquired partnerships with companies such as Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, NBC and others. PerfectMatch has been featured on numerous shows, movies and has been the main topic of conversations on a number of talk shows.

Articles have been featured, keeping the website in their main focus, in the following publications: The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, The New York Times, The Atlantic and many others.

Match System

The most famous and advantageous side of is the matching system called “Duet”. This system has been built by having 35 years of research behind it, and analyzes each member’s particularities, in order to provide the most accurate matches. The software takes into account personality, values and ideals as well as lifestyle changes, preferences and the love and money assessment. This complete software guarantees a very accurate matchmaking technique.

Advantages of PerfectMatch

One of the main advantages of the website, aside from the well designed and engineered matching system, is the fame. The most important thing when taking into account a dating website is the database of potential partners. Well, taking into account the notoriety of the website, the database includes millions of success stories as well as articles to support your relationship goals and decisions.


The website membership is free of charge and will provide a free duet compatibility profile upon registration as well as the highest compatible matches in accordance to your traits.

The information requested upon sign-up are; first and last name, as well as date of birth and location. The search engine then refines the data in accordance to your own personal preferences and requests. Income and a general description about your physical appearance are then prompted.

Then, the sign-up process will take you to the first questions in the duet analysis that will determine your best match.

Security and Privacy

The website is PhD Endorsed as well as BBB Accredited Business and all transactions are verified and secured.

The sensitive and personal information is not disclosed in any way by the website towards third parties but used to trigger a more personalized experience while using the website. This helps when keeping you updated with news and providing information with regards to products, services and discounts you may find appealing.


This is, hands down, one of the best websites to choose from due to the personalized search engine. The duet variables and algorithms provide a timely and accurate match based on real criteria that you have stated upon registration. This would save countless hours of searching and meeting people who do not fit your criteria. The privacy policy and the various endorsements make it one of the most secured dating websites available.

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